We exist to promote the economic, social and cultural assets of Minnesota and celebrate the healthy foods, arts, crafts and other aspects of our diverse heritage.

Mouth-watering tastes. Locally made art. International entertainment. Fresh produce, meats and baked goods. Everything you need to create a memorable experience. Plus the widest variety of restaurants under one roof. Find it all here at Minnesota's Midtown Global Market!


our history


In the early 2000’s, the City of Minneapolis was searching for a use for the long vacant Sears building on Lake Street. Neighbors and local Latino business owners helped convince City officials that the historic building should be saved and, ultimately, reflect the ethnic diversity of the neighborhood and the entrepreneurial energy of the businesses on Lake Street.

At the time, Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), Latino Economic Development Center and other organizations were working with small businesses on Lake Street to fill empty storefronts by providing training and start-up loans. Fearing that the former Sears building would become a large “big box” store that would drive out local business, neighboring entrepreneurs looked to NDC for support in creating another space for small business to start and grow.

Midtown Global Market subsequently took shape through the extraordinary efforts of a wide range of people. Entrepreneurs, community organizations, the City of Minneapolis (under visionary leadership from Mayor Rybak), countless donors, lenders and tax credit investors all worked tirelessly to make the project a success. Midtown Global Market opened for business on May 15, 2006.  The Neighborhood Development Center and the Cultural Wellness Center own the Market and continue to offer business support services to the merchants. Eighteen of the original businesses are still here.

Today, Midtown Global Market is a vibrant economic and cultural center where community gathers. Home to over 45 businesses spanning over 22 cultures, the Market provides a global experience to its visitors with an extraordinary variety of tastes, arts and crafts as well as music and dance programs throughout the week. Over 1.5 million patrons visit Midtown Global Market each year.


rent OR leasE SPACE


For long term leasing, day table rental and Greenway Conference Room rental:

 Retail Opportunities with the Neighborhood Development Center




Q: What kind of business is the Midtown Global Market?  What do you sell there? 
A: We are a public market with over 45 businesses-restaurants, groceries and gift items- jewelry, clothing and accessories- from many countries around the world.

Q: How can I rent a space at the market (temporary or permanent)?
A: Please refer to the Opportunity Page on our website for more information.

Q: Do you rent apartments or have condos for sale?
A: No, please contact Sherman & Associates at 612-823-1104 for questions about rental apartments and condos.

Q: Can I get my license or tabs over there? 
A: You can call Hennepin County at 612-348-8240 for those items.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: Our general market hours are Mon – Sat 10am-8pm and Sunday 11am to 6pm. Check the Early Openings for a list of businesses open by 7am.

Q: Where is Lost and Found?
A: Please call Security at 612-872-4376.

Q: Where do I park? 
A: You can park in the West Lot (paid parking) or in the Ramp at 10th Avenue and Lake Street. For specific parking questions please contact Denison Parking at 612-871-2063 or Ryan Management at 612-492-4226 or 612-492-4439.

Q: How do I get to Midtown Global Market?
A: Please see directions on our website Home Page on the Directions section.

Q: What are your upcoming events?
A: Please refer to our events calendar on our website Events Calendar Page.

Q: What activities do you have for students? 
A: We can help craft an experience for your group–food demos, salsa dancing lessons, tours of the Market and an opportunity to interact with the business owners.


staff & board



Earlsworth "Baba" Letang
Market Director
Neighborhood Development Center

Ice Demmings
Property and Administrative Manager
Neighborhood Development Center

Deborah Ervin
Events & Tours Manager
Neighborhood Development Center

Nomin Angarag
Mission Revenue Director 612-876-4453

Ben Johnson
Director of Real Estate
Neighborhood Development Center

Elisa Pluhar
Chief Development & Communications Officer (contact for Marketing)
Neighborhood Development Center


Atum Azzahir (Chair)
Mihailo Temali (Vice Chair)
David Kanihan
Craig Hassel
Gordon Sprenger
Shirley Heyer
Mike Goze
Janis Lane-Ewart

Tessa Eddy
Trung Pham
Tabitha Montgomery
Rebecca Parrell-Brown
Howard Orenstein



Neighborhood Development Center
Cultural Wellness Center